Thursday, January 31, 2008

Well Here Goes...

I was thinking the other day about how fun it would be to share my travel experiences with family and friends. I plan on blogging about my trips, where I have been, what I did on my overnights, hopefully with the help of my daughters, download pictures, and share funny stories that I have experienced at 37,000 ft. Let me warn everyone right up front. I am no english major, so please forgive all mistakes in spelling, grammar, etc... OK, here goes!

First a little about me. I am fifty-four years old (oh my gosh, that looks alot older when you actually put it on paper), I mean twenty-nine years old (now, that looks better). I have been a flight attendant for Southwest Airlines (the Luv airline) for almost four years. I love hanging out with my family (especially two little guys) and friends, rock and roll music, dancing, Rod Stewart, flower gardening, all animals (large or small), especially kitty's, cruises, shoes, decorator pillows, anything animal print and CHOCOLATE!!!!

I have been married to the most wonderful man in the world for going on thirty six years!! "I luv you Alvin"! Alvin works for Riceland Foods, where he is the District Manager for the North Central part of Arkansas. We have two beautiful daughters. Cortney (31) who is married to Ryan Bowman. They live in West Little Rock and are the parents of our precious grandsons, Reid, who will be five in April and Cade, who turned two in January. Cortney is also expecting our third at the end of August. Casey (27) is married to Josh Cooper and they just moved to Fayetteville last week. They are the parents of Dharma (black Lab) and Daisy (yellow lab). Casey is also a flight attendant for Southwest.

Well, that was pretty easy. Until then remember.....share a smile, be a friend.

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