Friday, August 29, 2008

Before & After

If you've been wondering where I've been.....well you're not even going to believe it! I came in from my four day trip on the 18th, we had Ridge on the 19th and I hurt my back on the 20th (picking Cade up and using my back and not my legs to do it...."OUCH"). So needless to say, it's been a crazy couple of weeks. I'm better, but not 100%.

Anyway, in the mix of things the bathroom has been ready for a few days and I am just getting around to getting pictures out. Alvin still lacks a little touch up on the trim so here's how it turned out. I LOVE IT!!!! I'm disappointed in the way the paint looks in the pictures though. The paint is a shade of green not gold like it appears.

Thanks to all of you who helped me choose the mirror. I couldn't be happier! I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday week-end! Blessings!



Tuesday, August 19, 2008

"Chico" has arrived!

Our hearts are full at the Mullins' house today. Our third grandson has arrived. Ridge Mullins Bowman was born this morning at 7:46 A.M. He weighed 8 lbs and 1 ounce and is 20 inches long with blonde hair and of course, blue eyes. Mom and baby are doing great!! Reid and Cade are both so excited that baby brother is finally here! Thank you all for your prayers! Will have lots more pics later.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Under Construction

Hey everyone. The remodeling of the bathroom is still going on. We've had peeps in and out all week! Here's whats happened so far: walls are painted, trim is up, vanity installed, bathtub white (Yea). Our tile guy is coming in Monday and potty to be installed on Tuesday. I will be out of remodeling commission for a couple of weeks. But promise to take pictures afterwards.

I'm leaving Friday morning for a four day trip, will be back into Little Rock on Monday afternoon. Alvin and I will be spending the night at Cortney's Monday night and little "Chico" will be born around 7:30 a.m. Tuesday morning. Please continue your prayers for my sweet Cortney and new precious grandson that all will go well. I will keep you updated with lots of pics.

I love all you guys in blogland. You are so precious to me and my family! Some of you I know and some of you I feel I've known all my life.

Blessings to all.

Monday, August 11, 2008

I Need Your HELP!!

Ok girls I need your help with this. Here's the deal, the walls are green as you can see in the above photo. My fixtures are going to be white, yeah. The cabinet is white with brushed nickel pulls (I can change them, no problem), the ceramic tile floor is above picture and I am incorporating, brown, orange, and green as you can see in pictures. My question is which mirror would you use?

Do you like this mirror the best or.....

This one

Pacing the Cage

This is me this morning. I'm pacing the cage, not because I'm bored, oh no. I talked to Cortney a few minutes ago and she is cramping this morning. It appears our little "Chico" may arrive earlier than expected. Cortney is scheduled to have a C-section on August 18th, but maybe not. I am anxious this morning, please send up an extra prayer for my sweet Cortney today. I will keep you posted.

**UPDATE: Cortney is feeling a little better. Let me set the scenario up a little better for you. I was in a tiz this morning when I talked to her. Cortney gave birth to Reid naturally, then Cade comes along booty first and she has a C-section. Cortney's Dr. thought she would be a good candidate for a VBAC because she had delivered Reid normally. Last week at her routine visit Cort's Dr. said little "Chico" was booty down and he scheduled her to deliver on August 18th. Well when I talked to Cort this morning she had been cramping for the past twenty-four hours, plus she was nauseated. After talking to the nurse, they told her everything was fine, to just try and rest today.

Anyhow, Mimi's feeling better. Please continue to pray that Cortney has a safe and easy C-section when the time comes and that mom and baby will be fine.

Friday, August 8, 2008

I'm so excited..................

And I just can't hide it. I'm about to lose control and I think I like it!!!! Oh, how I love that song. This is exactly how I feel today!!! We have lived in our home for sixteen years (I'm guessing the house was at least sixteen years old when we bought it) and for sixteen years I have HATED the blue fixtures in our bathroom.......well that's about to change. As you can see in the first three photos....this is what our hall bathroom looked like three days ago. Yesterday I striped the wallpaper down and today Alvin is ripping everything OUT!!!! YEAH!!!!!!!
Please note in photo # 5: when Alvin tore the vanity out, this is the wallpaper he found! YIKES!!!

I'm going to need you guys help with a little something, but that will be for another post. For now if I don't get my booty up and help hubby, he may go on strike!!! Everyone have a WONDERFUL weekend!!!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Favorite Finds

Rhoda at Southern Hospitality (click on my sidebar under favorite blogs) is hosting a favorite finds blog party. It's really hard for me to pick one, so here are a few of my favorites.

I purchased this piece at an auction for $100. Quite the find wouldn't you say.
I have been thinking about painting it black, but I don't want to ruin it. Does anyone out there have any advice on painting it?

I got these nesting tables for free!! That's right! A friend of Alvin's was throwing them away. Imagine! So guess who brought them home to Becky. I had them restored and can't remember how much it cost, but not much I promise!

Our armoire is probably my favorite piece of antique furniture. It's solid pecan and I love the finish! I feel like I stole it paying only $225 for it at an antique furniture store. It was in perfect condition and I knew Alvin could gut it.

And here's what the inside looks like. My hubby was able to remove the orginal shelves and bars (it had been used as a closet) and now it is a funtional entertainment center.

I do love this little chest. I bought it several years ago at a flea market for $25.
It is solid oak. It always had a sad look. So last year I painted it black and added new knobs. Wha-la!

Now it's your turn to join in the party. Oh, and don't forget to visit Rhoda. She is amazing!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Another Busy Weekend

Friday: Alvin and I headed to Little Rock to see the youngin's! We had called Cortney earlier in the day to see if she and Ryan wanted to have a date. Of course they did. After all in a couple of weeks little "Chico" will arrive and there will be no time for dates with three little guys in tow! Before we headed over to their house we stopped in North Little Rock for lunch at "The Olive Garden". Can you say YUMMO!!! While we were over in NLR we decided to go by "The Old Mill". The Old Mill was filmed in the opening scenes of the famous award-winning movie, "Gone With the Wind". After playing batman, building really tall towers, putting puzzles together and eating lots of snacks it was time to head home.

Saturday: We headed up to "Tannenbaum" were my cousin Roger and his family have a cabin on the lake. Every year for the last few years Roger and Dee Dee have hosted a family get together to celebrate my Aunt Lucy's birthday (this year was Aunt Lucy's 80th Birthday). We had all kinds of goodies to eat and way too many desserts! After lunch the guys took the kids out on the boats while us girls gabbed the afternoon away. It's kinda neat that two of my best friends in high school (Cindy & Pam) ended up marrying my cousins.

Sunday: Alvin and I headed back to the lake. My neice Cindy (Lou) and her husband Keith joined us. Boy was it HOT!!!! We spent most of the afternoon neck deep in the water. Alvin and I spent the night Sunday night because he was going to get up early Monday morning and go fishing. Bless his heart, would you believe no one in Greers Ferry had bait. We just took the boat out for a couple of hours and headed home dead dog tired!

The Old Mill

Reidman AKA Batman

Pop and Cade

Murray, Payden & Robin

The guys and kids heading out to "wake board and tube"

Cindy, Becky and Pam

My mom, Glenda and Aunt Lucy (the birthday girl)

My brother Wes and his wife Carol rode their motorcyle from Tulsa to share in the celebration.

And here's the island in all her glory. We stayed there most of Sunday afternoon just floating around on our rafts and of course listening to "Jimmy Buffett".

Alvin and I were out on the lake Monday morning by 9:00 a.m. and the water was so smooth, this is one of my favorite times to be out on the lake. It's so quiet!

I've always been told to wave at children on a bus and always buy lemonade from a child who has a lemonade stand. This is Nick who is the grandson of our next door neighbors.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Do You See What I See!

A couple of days ago I was watering my container plants when I stumbled upon something unusual. Yep, "Bosco". "Bosco" is our sweet little man with a personality as big as "Texas". Alvin and I rescued him from the North Little Rock Animal Shelter almost four years ago. It's weird trying to describe him. He's the "sweetest kitty on earth" and can be a "fierce hunter"! Oh yeah! He will sit in your lap for hours and he LOVES to be rubbed and rubbed and rubbed. Get the picture. And on the other hand he will bring us little surprises every now and then...... squirrels, sweet little baby birds (I know makes me sick too, poor momma bird) and bluejays. Bluejays folks! Those birds are SCAAAAARRRY!!!! Well, they don't scare ole Bosco. Nope not one bit! Those birds swoop down on him all the time while he's walking across the lawn, minding his own business and the next thing I know, yep, they're laying at my back door step. Revenge is sweet!

I just wanted to share these sweet pictures of my boy!

If you enlarge the last picture, you can see that he's sticking his tongue out at me. HA!!!!

I hope everyone has a "blessed" day! Try to keep cool!

HELP!! I'm Having a BLONDE Moment!!!

Can anyone out there in blogland help me!!! I'm getting further and further behind on my posts because for some reason when I download my photos they are downloading as the code instead of the picture! I'm about to lose my mind! Oops! Forgot, I have no mind! HA! HA!!!! PLEASE HELP!!!