Thursday, May 27, 2010

Booby Smash Time #11

Yep, you know what I did today! Don't forget your yearly mammogram and your monthly self-exams!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Three C's #10

There is nothing better in the mornings than coffee........unless it is coffee, Cade and coloring. Cade is staying a couple of days with Pop and Mimi this week and by nine this morning we were already coloring.......LUV IT, LUV IT, LUV IT!!!! He is such a funny little guy! As soon as he walked into our house yesterday, he said "um, um, Mimi your house smells good, Mimi, your house always smells sooooo good"! Isn't that adorable! This morning I told him that yesterday when Cortney picked Reid up from school, Reid wanted to know where Cade was and when Cortney told him Cade was at Pop and Mimi's for a couple of days, Reid got a little upset and cried. Well, sweet Cade said, "Mimi, it will be Reid's turn next time and I will cry"......out of the mouth of babes!!! He has been absolutely adorable! Pop and I sure will miss him when he leaves tomorrow!!!

Don't you just hate that feeling after they have left and the house feels so empty?

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Ummmmmm #9

We had our first watermelon tonight and let me tell you........IT WAS DELICIOUS!!! Eating watermelon always takes me back to my childhood! Do you remember back in the day, people use to have watermelon stands along side of the road. My Poppa used to always stop and get us one!! So of course, each time I take a bite of watermelon, I always think of Poppa! Have you had your first bite of watermelon this season??

Monday, May 24, 2010

Here one minute - gone the next #8

Alvin and I have been working so hard to get our backyard ready for summer. And finally, last week we had pretty much accomplished it!!! That is until this afternoon around three p.m. I had been sitting on the backporch swing, reading. I had gone inside for a second and when I returned to the swing the wind picked up and in a matter of seconds, our backyard went from this...........

to this!

Out of nowhere the wind starting blowing in excess of 60 mph!
Yes, it's disappointing.......we lost all three patio umbrella's and our glass top table was tossed across the yard with umbrella and umbrella stand still attached and as you can see, it is ruined.
But, it's ok, no one was hurt and after all it's just stuff!!!
It took Alvin and I the rest of the afternoon to get it all picked up! The worst part of all.......not a drop of rain! I still had to water the plants after it was all said and done!!!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Sunday Funday #7

There is nothing better than a stripper after he has been rolled in cornmeal and deep fried!!!!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Hot Rod #6

Only in Arkansas would someone be proud to say, "this cool car belongs to me"!

Friday, May 21, 2010

A Relaxing Friday Evening #5

It has been a crazy Friday.........rode my bike, worked in the yard for awhile, went to Lucky's, took Mom to lunch at the Bulldog in Bald Knob (they have the best strawberry shortcake in the world), drove on to Searcy and shopped most of the afternoon, bought groceries and headed home. You can imagine how nice it was to get home and have a relaxing evening with my hero. We grilled pork chops, pototoes and I made a salad.......the best part was cranking up the firepit, making smores and listening to Jimmy Buffett.

I hope all my fabulous friends in blogland have a fabulous weekend!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

#4 I LUV Target!!!!

Oh, how I LUV a bargain! A few weeks ago Alvin and I went to Gulf Shores and the week before I decided I needed a new swimsuit cover-up. So of course, I go to Target and low and behold I found the cutest orange cover-up for $17.99!!! The next thing you know I have a blue one and a black one as well! You see, when I find something I like, I have to have it in every color!!! LOL!!!

And wouldn't you know it, cute sweaters too......oh my!!! You guessed it, one in every color. When I get back to the beach house.......I started putting two and two together and come up with a bright idea!!!!!!

Not only could I wear the swimsuit cover-up to the beach, but, I could also wear them as dresses!!!! You know, to the movies, to parties, even to church~!

Let me just jump in there and say..........THEY WERE ALL SO CHEAP!!!! As for me, I LUV throw away clothing! Definition of throw away enough to wear one season and dispose of by putting it in the year sale at the end of the season!!!

These cute little cover-ups were only $17.99 ea. and the sweaters were on sale for $14.00. Yep, under 100 buckaroos!!!

I've been told I have had a knack for putting things together, so I thought what fun it would be to put together a few outfits for you guys, using my beach cover-ups (which I will be using for dresses) with shoes I already had, purses I already had (with the exception of the orange one.....TJ Maxx, $7.99) and with jewelry I already had!!!

Now, I have to preface all this with (keep in mind)......I am only 5'4" tall sooooooo, these cute little dresses (cover-ups) come all the way down to my knees!!! I mean, I wouldn't want you girlies to think I am flaunting my stuff, cause my stuff is old, and I don't flaunt it......tee hee hee!!!!
(Double click on each pic to see the accessories up close)

My new favorite colors to wear together.......bright blue and orange (oh, it makes me all giddy)

As you can see in the above picture. This would be perfect to wear if you wanted to dress it up a little with pearls accessories.

I also LUV this look with the longer necklace and earrings!

And, then, if you like color.......put some red with the black and make it pop!

I also LUV bright blue and lime green.......isn't it yummy!!!!

And to dress it up for church.......just add a sweater!!!

Fun, fun, fun.......LUV everything orange!!!!

Throw the yellow sweater over it.......and off ya go!
Once, cheap, cheap and all for under $100!!!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Project 365 (2 & 3)

Would you believe as soon as I decided to take a photo a day for 365 days my camera broke........just my luck!!! Anywho, my sweet "hero" took me to Little Rock yesterday and I bought a new one. So today's post will be #2 and #3.

I took this picture with my iphone yesterday on our way to Little Rock. I have always had a fascination with clouds and yesterday morning the sky was sooooo blue and the clouds were so puffy. My job affords me to see a multitude of clouds and trust me, I have hundreds of pictures of clouds. When our girls were small we would watch the clouds and try and make different things out of them........ducks, elephants, boats, etc!

I found the above picture on the internet and thought it was clearly looks like Christ on the cross!


The above picture I took a few weeks ago. This is our angel birdbath that we have in our backyard. I LUV the way her wings curve around to the front. I always put various flowers in her every year and this year I almost decided to just leave her as a birdbath for the birdies.

However, as you can see when I took this photo today. I just couldn't stand it (sorry little birdies)!!!!! So, a few weeks ago I planted impatients in our angel and look how beautiful she looks!!!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Project 365 (Day 1)

OK guys, I know I have been a horrible blogger latey.......what a slacker, huh? Starting today I am going to try and be a better blogger. After all, I am blogging because I can't seem to journal and I feel as everyone else does, that life goes by awfully fast and I don't want to forget one single thing! So, I am going to copy Jacquie and Kayla and try and document my next 365 days with a photo a day and a short post to go along with it. So here goes.......In the last couple of years I've posted several pictures of this little guy. This is Bosco, AKA, The Fierce Hunter. We adopted Bosco from the North Little Rock Animal Shelter almost six years ago. He is the most loving little guy in the world and he is always tickled pink to see his mommy come home after she's been on a three-day trip!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Finally.....I'm a Bathroom Beauty Snapper

My dear sweet friend Shelia over at Note Songs is having a party tomorrow, May 7th, so go on over the Shelia's and join her Bathroom Beauty Snapper party. It's really easy......all you have to do is snap a picture of yourself in any bathroom!!! Now, don't take it while you're on the potty or in the shower. Stand in front of the mirror and snap*! That's right, now how easy is that!!!

Shelia is the sweetest thing in the world. Here is a picture of Shelia, her daughter and that's right Shelia has finally joined the grandmommyhood!!! Just look at that precious Carter Ashlan, couldn't you just eat her with a spoon. Okay, back to the party. My hero and I were in Gulf Shores last week and I thought it would be neat to take my picture at Lulu's. Lulu, is Jimmy Buffett's sister and she has a wonderful restaurant. Anywhooty, here's my picture. You know, I bet I took at least twenty pics and this was the only one that I would dare put out in blogland. The others were hilarious!!!! I stood in there and giggled for the longest time. At first, I was trying to take it while no one else was in there. Well, let me tell you, that didn't work! So finally I said to myself "just take the picture, it doesn't matter if everyone thinks you are a nut"!!! LOL! One of them even had a little boy in it that I have no clue where he even came from!!! LOL LOL Sooooooo, it's official I'm a Bathroom Beauty Snapper and here is the proof!!!!

Now y'all go on over and visit Shelia, Mr. Precious and Chloe Dawn!!! Oh, and don't forget to have yourself a FANTABULOUS weekend!!!!