Friday, April 11, 2008

Sweet, Sweet Caders

Pop & Cade after a long day of playing
After buying toys this is what Cade wanted
to play with when we got back home

The Bounty


Seconds before the shopping spree began

On the way to Walmart

Waiting anxiously for "POPS" arrival

Mimi and Pop had the priviledge of keeping our sweet baby Cade tonight while Cortney, Ryan & the Reid man were getting ready for their yardsale tomorrow. Let me say "we had a blast"!! Here are a few shots I took this afternoon and tonight. Enjoy!

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Cortney said...

Thanks, Mimi and Pop!!! Looks like our little guy had a blast. Two things I noticed in the pics: 1. that crazed grandparent look that Mimi has at Wal-Mart. 2. Pop riding in the backseat on the way to Wal-Mart. I love you!!! XXOO