Thursday, February 5, 2009


Aren't these the cutest dishes. My momma bought them last week at Lucky's for my sister for only $3.00.......for the entire set!
I love the painted flowers.......I believe it they may be Forsythia's, but I'm not sure.

And look what momma bought for me.....aren't they adorable? I had been looking at them for a couple of weeks and I finally decided they needed a home. So Lucky let me have them for $3.00 as well. I got 4 cups, 4 saucers and 4 dessert plates.

Just look at this precious design!

Of course I had to take them for a test drive with some delicous Lemon Ginseng Green tea and my momma's banana nut cranberry muffins. Can you say YUMMO!

Momma and I are headed to Lucky's as soon as I can get dressed and out the door. Hopefully we will get Lucky today and I'll get to show you my wonderful finds.

Oh, and one more thing. Let's not forget to continue to pray for Harper, Kelley and Scott. Harper is getting to go home today......PRAISE THE LORD!


Susie said...

So you must be feeling better if you are running down to Lucky's! Thanks for posting pictures of the plates. They look so cute!

Kayla said...

I need a Lucky's in my life!!!! Hope yall find some great stuff today!!

I'm sooooooooo excited for Kelly and Scott!!!

justabeachkat said...

I "heart" your new dishes. Very very pretty. Happy shopping!


Susan S. said...

Lucky's?....What's a Lucky's and I MUST get to one IMMEDIATELY!?!?!!?

What sweet little dishes....I bet that tea and muffin tasted EXTRA good on pretty little dishes.

Mildred said...

I love, love the dishes! The white dishes will be so pretty for Valentine's. Best LUCK today and be sure to share your finds with us.

Jacquie said...

Y'all got some cute dishes. I can SO see Susie with those floral ones. But, if you're wondering... if I was picking for ME? I'd pick the ones you scored!! Love them!

Can't wait to hear what you get at Lucky's! (Kayla and I need to make a trip to your neck of the woods one of these days!!)

AND, I can't wait to see the going home pics of Harper and fam!!

Kelley said...

Wow! We can't get deals like that in my area. I guess you have to go Northeast. That is a fantastic buy. Can't wait to see what you get today.

Bo said...

WHAT??? You Arkies can't be getting deals like this!!! I want your Mama to adopt me...PLEASE!
But, because I'm a sort of kind & generous person...(ahem)...go ahead & enjoy these treasures!
I'm smiling (sort of)... ;-) Bo

Casey said...

Man, I want some tea and muffins. Wish I was there to have it with you. I forgot what you look like!

Nancy said...

Oh I love them Becky! Thanks for that update on Harper. Blessings, nancy

MiMi said...

I love those white dishes! So pretty!

I still say that it may be worth a trip to Arkansas for me to go to Luckys!

Kelli said...

Beautiful dishes...I love the sweet flowers.
P.s. Thank you for the birthday wishes!