Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Yesterday's Memories - Grandma's Pot

When I was a little girl (once upon a time). I distinctly remember my grandma working in her yard. I suppose I got my LUV for being outdoors and working in the yard from her.

One of the flowers you could always expect to see at grandma's in the spring and summer was Rose Moss. She always had it in some sort of pot. I always plant Rose Moss every spring as well. This year I decided to put my moss in one of grandma's pots. As you can see it's not a fancy pot, but it belonged to my grandma and I hold it near and dear to my heart.

I recommend Rose Moss to anyone wanting to add color. The flowers have such vibrant colors; red, pink, yellow, white and my favorite, melon orange. The juicy colors glow atop green succulent leaves and when planted in a pot, cascade over the sides.

The Rose Moss also makes a wonderful ground cover.
I was reading the other day that the newer type of Rose Moss stays open longer during the day. The older type opens at noon and closes at dusk.

I LUV the memories of grandma's moss and being able to plant my moss in her pot makes it even more special.
Thanks for letting me share Yesterday's Memories with you. Do you have a special memory you would like to share?


Domestic Designer said...

What a beautiful memory! I love the pot and of course the rose moss is beautiful! My grandmother worked in her yard all the time too and I loved working right beside her! :-)

Nancy said...

Hi Becky, What a treasure to have her pot! The Rose Moss is beautiful! Don't you just treasure grandma memories!!!! Nancy

Shelia said...

Hi Becky! Oh, I love Rose Moss too! That's wonderful you have her little pot! What a treasure!
Oh, just look at your new blog look! It's gorgeous! You and your honey look so cute!
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Mona said...

Your rose moss looks beautiful in that flower pot!
I remember my Grandma grew ginormous elephant ears.

Ashley ~ said...

Becky ~ I too grew up loving Rose Moss, although we always called it, Moss Rose. LOL* The fact that it's in your grandmothers pot is SO special*! I love anything and everything from my grandparents.
((hugs)) _Ashley*

Susie said...

My memory is I don't recall getting any of grandma's pots! How many do you have? I need one!

Kelley said...

What a great memory! Your Rose Moss is so pretty. I haven't planted my flowers yet. I need to do that.

My grandmother made the best homemade macaroni and cheese.

Mildred said...

What a special memory. I love Grandma's pot with the flowers spilling over.

Picket said...

That is beautiful girl...I love Rose Moss...I haven't had any in a few years...it always reminds me of a little elderly lady that lived next door to us when I was very young...she always had some on her porch...I loved her like a grandmother! Ohhh I will have to get me some...I think that pot is glorious and the memories it holds are priceless! Take care sweetie and have a great week!

His Doorkeeper said...

I always think about my Mom when I see Rose moss. She loved them and always had a pot of them on the porch. Isn't it funny how plants bring back so many memories of when we were young?

MiMi said...

I love that pot of your grandmothers! I have never heard of Rose Moss -- but it looks like a variety of Portulaca that I have planted in the past. Is it the same thing?