Tuesday, June 16, 2009

I LUV bright colors

Wow! It's really been awhile since I've blogged. Not alot going on......just trying to keep cool.

A few weeks ago I painted our shutters black and brightened up our front door a little. You know us girls and our paint. A little paint always makes everything feel new. Here's just a few pictures of the front porch area.

I painted the bench black......it was kinda rusty and added a couple of brightly colored pillows from Target. I luv my Live..Laugh..Love sign so much in my laundry room, I thought I would purchase another one from Hobby Lobby and hang it above my bench. I think it looks so cute there!

My sweet neice Lou make me this wreath!
Our Tiger Lillies were prettier this year than they have ever been and the color blended right in.

My daughter, Cortney bought me the "M" flag for Christmas and I couldn't wait until spring to put it in the flowerbed.
The flowers around the mailbox are also extra pretty this year.

I'll try and blog soon about the backyard.


Susie said...

Hey Sissy! Your front porch area does look great. The sign does look nice there. I find it interesting that you have hostas and daylillies in the same area. What's surprising is how great they both look!

Anonymous said...

Hi Becky, I love your front entrance. The first thing I noticed was your sign. How clever to hang it over the bench. That's a lovely wreath too and your flower beds are so cheerful. Great job - when can you be here to help me?????

Kelley said...

Hi Becky! Your front porch is great! I love the red door. The bench and pillows are such a neat touch. The sign looks really nice there. Your flowers are really pretty. Your niece did a great job on the wreath too.

Nancy said...

Miss Becky, Guess you got my message...lol ;) You have got it looking Summery around there! Love all the bright colors!

I am glad to see you blogging tonight!


Domestic Designer said...

You have been a busy gal! It all looks just great!

Susan S. said...

Your porch looks great....I'm a big fan on Color! GOTTA have it! The sign and pillows are great too; and what a wonderful niece to make you such a beautiful wreath. Hugs from Houston!

Bacardi Mama said...

Everything looks lovely. I love the front door. Great minds must think alike. I also have hostas and day lillies together.

Jacquie said...

Your front entry looks SO inviting!! And your flowers are so pretty.

Ashley ~ said...

Luving that RED front door, and loving those pretty yellow flowers by the mailbox*! Hope you are staying cool and having safe flights and smooth landings*!

Ashley ~ said...

It's me again, just popping back over to tell you that I have a *Lovely Blog Award* I would like to give you if you would like to pop over to my blog and accept it.
(((hugs))) _Ashley

His Doorkeeper said...

Becky, your front porch area is terrific! Love the black bench and the pillows! Love the flowers around your mailbox too! The deer ate all my lillies this year!

Leigh Ann said...

LOVE the porch and all the flowers! So pretty!

Kat said...

I've been a bad blogger friend lately, but I'm trying my best to get caught back up.

Love, love, love your red door. Everything looks great.


(btw...love your header photo)

bj said...

Hi, Becky..I wondered where you were..:)
Your porch looks great..the flowers are beautiful.
It's been so dang hot here that my flowers look sickly most of the time. My lilies are looking fair.
I love your front door..so cheery...
xo bj

Leigh of Bloggeritaville said...

Becly-what a gorgeous porch and great curb appeal! A nice place to come to after your travels!

Missed you!

bj said...

Just saying thanks for coming by to see me..I always love knowing you were there.
How's things going with SouthWest. Hope they are being able to survive the bad economy. Some airlines are really having a hard time, I understand. Here's hoping things get better!
Take care!
xo bj

Goose Hill Farm said...

WOW! I love your entry way. So warm and inviting...I'll be right over! LOL

I also love what you did to your back porch. I just want to grab a glass of sweet tea, curl up on the swing, and read! :D

Great job!