Sunday, August 16, 2009

It only takes a sprig

We've really had some crazy weather here in Arkansas this year. Remember the ice storm.......oh mercy, who could forget. Then the spring rains, not showers, but rains. I've never seen it rain so much during the spring. It also rained quit a bit in July.

The reason I'm saying all this is because all the plants, trees and grass have been exceptionally beautiful. Everything is so lush!!! With that said........I wanted you to see my Liriope (aka monkey grass). IT'S BEAUTIFUL!!!!!

The monkey grass in our yard started with on sprig much like the picture above. When Alvin and I built our first house in 1975 I wanted to plant some monkey grass. Grandma and Poppa had plenty to spare so I brought a piece home.

When we moved to the house we live in now......seventeen years ago, I brought a sprig over. In the course of seventeen years I have divided it and divided it until now I have TONS!!!
A few days ago I was in the yard and I kept thinking something looked different. After a few days of wondering what it was, I realized it was the monkey grass. IT WAS IN FULL BLOOM!!!! Why am I soooooo excited!!!! Well........IT'S NEVER EVER BLOOMED BEFORE!!!!!

After Alvin and I talked about it, we realized this is the first time it had seen sunshine!!!! You see our backyard is completely shady, with ginormous trees. After the ice storm we lost tons of branches and then we had a tree service come in and cut some of the hanging branches that were broken. So ta da........lots of sunshine.

Anyhoo, I wanted y'all to see the monkey grass from every angle.

And mixed with the lime green sweet potato vine makes it stand out even more!

All because of one little sprig many years ago. Thanks Grandma and Poppa!


Kelley said...

Your backyard is beautiful! What a fun and relaxing space.

Bacardi Mama said...

Your backyard in wonderful. What a fantastic place to relax.

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

Love your backyard....Need you to come and work on mine...

Mildred said...

Your yard is lovely and how special to have gotten your start of monkey grass from your grandparents! Love the blooms.

Susie said...

Looks great Bec! A little sunshine goes a long way!

Kat said...

It's gorgeous! Now mine...not so good. For some reason, it's looking pitiful. When my Mom was here recently she commented and said she had never ever seen money grass that didn't thrive. Mine needs something! We get plenty of sunshine usually...just not today.


Ashley ~ said...

I love your back yard. Looks so pretty and peaceful. A nice place to spend a lazy summer day just enjoying the beauty*! ((hugs sista))

Leigh Ann said...

Wish I could come get a sprig! Derek and I were JUST talking about monkey grass for our flower beds in our backyard. I LOVE it and yours is so pretty with all the blooms!

Jacquie said...

While I was reading this post, I wondered if your sister had hijacked it. It sounds like her!! Ha!

Hope you've had a fun week.

Shelia said...

Hi Becky! I love your backyard! Hope you're having fun flying the skies. We've been keeping SW pretty busy this summer! Hopefully, I can give someone else a turn. :) I was looking at every flight attendant on each flight hoping you might be there! :)
Thank you so much for sharing in my joyness!
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Kat said...

Hi girlfriend! Where are you? I miss ya.


Kat said...


Why aren't you blogging?! Hope all is good.


The Park Wife said...

Your back yard is BEAUTIFUL! Very jealous. Jumped over from PW, love your blog!
The Park Wife

The Berry's Patch said...

Okay...look who's been a bad blogger. ;;-) Like I can talk. What are you up to girl?