Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Always behind #18 - 23

I just can't keep up with my "photo a day" for 365 days. I'm constantly running behind......oh well, I'll try to get better. The problem is, since I bought my iphone I am no longer taking my computer to work with me. Therefore, I have to post them all at once when I get back.
My neice Cindy and I buddy bid together occasionally, meaning we get to work together, drive to Little Rock to the airport together and split our hotel room the night before our trip starts.
Well, guess who else is working with us this month? Yep, my sweet baby girl, Casey. Here we are at the pool in San Jose, CA Friday afternoon. Our friend Ashley (on the left) happened to be overnighting there too. The weather was sooooo beautiful! We ordered dinner and ate it outside around the pool and visited forever!!!

The next morning right before I we had to lobby, I looked outside my window to see if dawn had broken and this is what I saw.......The mountains in the background between the ground fog and the low lying clouds (that is a rollercoaster in the background too, just in case you were wondering). Early morning is my favorite time of the day......everything always seems so peaceful, quiet and fresh!!!

My office at 37,000 ft. I believe this was Las Vegas to Little Rock on Sunday! Passengers are always very quiet anytime we leave Vegas.......too much partying. All they want is water and sleep!

Look what I picked out of our garden Monday.......and there are three more that should be ready in a couple of days!!! Can you say, FRIED SQUASH......YUMMO!!!

My hero and I took the boat out for awhile this afternoon and it was wonderful. A nice breeze was blowing and the water felt GREAT!!!!

Everyone have a wonderful Wednesday!!!!!


Kelley said...

What a great job where you can spend time with your daughter and niece. I bet it was fun getting out on the boat. Luv fried squash!

Jacquie said...

Can't you send a photo straight to your blog from your iPhone??? (Isn't there a "blog this photo" option or something?)

That is too funny about Vegas flights.

Guess what Dave had frying in the pan tonight when I got home??? Yup, squash!! (But, I didn't eat any.)

PS - Kale and Kayla come the week before the 4th of July!!!

Kat said...

Yum...fried squash!

Fun photos. Your 365 day photo idea is a good one, but I can see where it might get hard at times. No worries though, just catch up when you can.


Susie said...

I like all your pics sister. Love the one of the mountain in the background. So pretty!

Shelia said...

hi Becky! Oh, you gals look like you're having a ball! You're so pretty! Love seeing your pictures.
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Anonymous said...

Dinner around the pool with family/friends sounds so nice Becky. Beautiful mountain view and you sure have made me hungry for fried squash! I did have some fried okra today though.