Monday, August 4, 2008

Do You See What I See!

A couple of days ago I was watering my container plants when I stumbled upon something unusual. Yep, "Bosco". "Bosco" is our sweet little man with a personality as big as "Texas". Alvin and I rescued him from the North Little Rock Animal Shelter almost four years ago. It's weird trying to describe him. He's the "sweetest kitty on earth" and can be a "fierce hunter"! Oh yeah! He will sit in your lap for hours and he LOVES to be rubbed and rubbed and rubbed. Get the picture. And on the other hand he will bring us little surprises every now and then...... squirrels, sweet little baby birds (I know makes me sick too, poor momma bird) and bluejays. Bluejays folks! Those birds are SCAAAAARRRY!!!! Well, they don't scare ole Bosco. Nope not one bit! Those birds swoop down on him all the time while he's walking across the lawn, minding his own business and the next thing I know, yep, they're laying at my back door step. Revenge is sweet!

I just wanted to share these sweet pictures of my boy!

If you enlarge the last picture, you can see that he's sticking his tongue out at me. HA!!!!

I hope everyone has a "blessed" day! Try to keep cool!


His Doorkeeper said...

So funny.....does he like to sit under something? We had a cocker who always sat under a tablecloth on our round nightstand in our bedroom. He would stick his nose out and that's all you could see!

Animals are so funny and have their own personalities, don't they?

Susie said...

That's so funny that little pink tongue sticking out!

Jacquie said...

We have a family member (of the feline persuasion) that was rescued from the Human Society too! She's 10 years old now. Love that last picture.

(PS - Did you post with Live Writer?)