Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Another Busy Weekend

Friday: Alvin and I headed to Little Rock to see the youngin's! We had called Cortney earlier in the day to see if she and Ryan wanted to have a date. Of course they did. After all in a couple of weeks little "Chico" will arrive and there will be no time for dates with three little guys in tow! Before we headed over to their house we stopped in North Little Rock for lunch at "The Olive Garden". Can you say YUMMO!!! While we were over in NLR we decided to go by "The Old Mill". The Old Mill was filmed in the opening scenes of the famous award-winning movie, "Gone With the Wind". After playing batman, building really tall towers, putting puzzles together and eating lots of snacks it was time to head home.

Saturday: We headed up to "Tannenbaum" were my cousin Roger and his family have a cabin on the lake. Every year for the last few years Roger and Dee Dee have hosted a family get together to celebrate my Aunt Lucy's birthday (this year was Aunt Lucy's 80th Birthday). We had all kinds of goodies to eat and way too many desserts! After lunch the guys took the kids out on the boats while us girls gabbed the afternoon away. It's kinda neat that two of my best friends in high school (Cindy & Pam) ended up marrying my cousins.

Sunday: Alvin and I headed back to the lake. My neice Cindy (Lou) and her husband Keith joined us. Boy was it HOT!!!! We spent most of the afternoon neck deep in the water. Alvin and I spent the night Sunday night because he was going to get up early Monday morning and go fishing. Bless his heart, would you believe no one in Greers Ferry had bait. We just took the boat out for a couple of hours and headed home dead dog tired!

The Old Mill

Reidman AKA Batman

Pop and Cade

Murray, Payden & Robin

The guys and kids heading out to "wake board and tube"

Cindy, Becky and Pam

My mom, Glenda and Aunt Lucy (the birthday girl)

My brother Wes and his wife Carol rode their motorcyle from Tulsa to share in the celebration.

And here's the island in all her glory. We stayed there most of Sunday afternoon just floating around on our rafts and of course listening to "Jimmy Buffett".

Alvin and I were out on the lake Monday morning by 9:00 a.m. and the water was so smooth, this is one of my favorite times to be out on the lake. It's so quiet!

I've always been told to wave at children on a bus and always buy lemonade from a child who has a lemonade stand. This is Nick who is the grandson of our next door neighbors.


Leigh Ann said...

Wow! What a weekend. First of all, you know you are THE best parents to offer your children a date night. Seriously, that is awesome! Of course, I know you get something out of it, too, getting to love on those handsome grandboys! :) No bait? What in the world? Shouldn't there be a fine for that? Especially there! The lake looked pretty anyway! That is wild that your friends married your cousins. How fun!

Emmie said...

such lovely photos :) it looks like you had a great time!

Cortney said...

I am so glad to see pics from Aunt Lucy's birthday! Looks like fun!

Yea, the island is back!

Thank you (and poppers) for the date night. It was very much needed, and we had a great time!!!! Love you!!!

Robin Fox said...

We had a great time at the lake! Can't wait till next year for moms 81st birthday. Tell Alvin next year we will do BBQ.
Love ya Robin

Susie said...

Bec, It looks like you guys had such a great time!! Wish we had been there. We'll definitely have to plan for next year.

The lake looked gorgeous. I hate poor Alvin didn't get to fish though.

Love the new header. That Bosco is so cute!!

Jacquie said...

What great grandparents you and Alvin are! I can't wait for stuff like that.

Kale and Kayla went to the Old Mill when they went south a few weeks back and brought back some pictures. It looks beautiful!