Saturday, May 9, 2009

Happy Mothers Day to my Momma

Cade, Ridge and Gi Gi

I'm not going to be with momma for Mother's Day this year. My sister, Susie gets to be the lucky one. Momma is going to Susie's for the next couple of weeks in Mississippi and my hero and I will be at the beach for a few days.

I'm going to re-run one of my past blog posts. If you've been following my blog very long you will probably remember it and for those of you who've recently started following my blog, I hope you enjoy it.

My sister, Susie and I used to spend a week with our grandparents each summer and I remember even though we had tons of fun, we both always got homesick for momma. Poppa and Grandma lived only a block from the railroad tracks. Each day several trains would come through town. If they were south bound towards Newport the two of us would blow kisses as the train went by and whisper softly "kisses for momma, kisses for momma". A few years ago Susie surprised me with the following poem and I will cherish it forever. Thanks Sis for the memories:

Kisses for Momma

It was a game my sis and I played,
While in bed, right where we laid.
There we waited for that lonesome cry,
Of the whistle on the train, that would soon be by.

When we felt the rumble so close and nearby,
We covered our mouths with our hands and then let them fly.
"Kisses for momma! Kisses for momma"!
We'd both whisper, as soft as can be,
Because Grandma and Poppa were trying to sleep.

Each summer we went, eager to see,
Grandma and Poppa-sweet as could be.
Our days were so fun, full and free,
Cause we could do most, whatever we pleased.

But we still missed momma, especially at night,
And we couldn't wait to turn out the light.
We eagerly waited for the sound of that train,
And sent out our kisses to momma again.
"Kisses for momma, Kisses for Momma"



Jacquie said...

Happy Mother's Day to you, Becky. Hope you and Alvin are having the MOST fun!!

Kelley said...

That poem is the sweetest thing! I hope you have a Happy Mother's Day while enjoying Gulf Shores.

justabeachkat said... sweet is that!

Happy Mother's Day sweet friend!

Bacardi Mama said...

What a sweet post. I hope you have a wonderful trip and a very Happy Mother's Day.

Anonymous said...

Hope you are having a great vacation. I love Susie's poem and I know she and mom will have a great time too.

Ashley ~ said...

I love the poem*! What sweet memories you and your sister share. I hope you are having a wonderful time on your trip to the beach with your sweet hubby, and I hope you having a great Mother's Day*!!! HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY*!!!
(((BECKY))) _Ashley*

Leigh of Bloggeritaville said...

HAppy Mother's day!

What a great post and a great poem. It reminded me of my stays with my grandma in the summer. The tracks were only two blocks from her home. I LOVE that!
we do have much in common.

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Joycee said...

We both live in AR and we both did posts on the Lipstick Test! Do you think we may be sisters separated at birth?! Come visit me at

nikkicrumpet said...

I loved the poem...I hope you and your mom had wonderful mother's days!

Bo said...

Hi Becky...It's great to be back from my bloggy break that nearly broke us...$$$$...This was such a precious & memorable post! I loved it... ;-) Bo