Sunday, May 3, 2009

Rain, babies, cupcakes and salsa

Girls, I don't know about y'all but my hero and I have threatened to send a dove out to see if it returns with anything. LOL Seriously, I don't think I can EVER remember it raining for this long. Maybe the sun will come out sometime this week!!! If not they may have to send me to the funny farm!

Look at this sweet guy. Our little Caders! He spent a couple of nights with Pop and Mimi last week and let me tell you he is one sweet boy! Bless his heart we didn't get to spend much time outside playing for all the rain. However, it didn't stop him from getting to ride the golf cart with Pop, play ball, build tents inside with Mimi, have a popcorn party.......

and one of his favorite things.....feed the fish. Oh my, he wanted to feed the fish several times a day while he was here, so that's what we did!
After I took Cade home on Friday I drove over to the Heights in Little Rock to a cute little shop called Cupcakes and guess what I guessed it, CUPCAKES!!!

Oh my, don't they look yummy! I bought a red velvet, white coconut snowball, white mocha chocolate chip and a fresh strawberry!! Eating two of those at one sitting would kill a person! But boy howdy were they good and worth ever bit of $2.95 ea.

Saturday, I literally did not get out of my jammies all day long and to tell ya the truth I don't think I brushed my teeth until late in the afternoon......hey just gettin real here.
My hero did manage to go out in the rain and pick some yummy cilantro that I am growing in my pot garden. Did I say pot garden......whoa! NOT POT GARDEN as in marijuana ! GEEZ.....I'm gonna get the police snoopin around over here if I'm not careful. Oh sorry, back to my story. What I mean't was my garden I'm growing in pots (that's better). Anywhooty, I made some delicous salsa using a recipe that sweet Judy
posted on her blog a few days ago. It's Chili's salsa and man was it easy to make. So run on over and give Judy a visit and get her recipe. It's delish!
That pretty much wraps up the weekend. Did you girlies do anything exciting over the weekend. Stay tuned because in the next couple of days I'll be revealing a wonderful blog giveaway that I won last week.


Mildred said...

It's still raining here too Becky! Looks like your grandson had a great time. Are your fish on a diet this week with all that extra feeding???
Those cupcakes look so delicious. Red velvet is my favorite cake. We'll keep looking for the sun!

Domestic Designer said...

Even with all the rain, it sounds like every one had a great time. Those cupcakes look delicious!

Jacquie said...

Pretty darn tired of the rain myself - so I just slept the afternoon away!!

Those cupcakes look so YUMMY ... and to think, I'm beating myself up this week for eating those baked chips!!!

Glad you got to spend some quality time with that little cutie, Cade.

Hope you have a fun, sunny week!!

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

Just went to a great girls event tonight and the centerpieces were cupcakes in pastel colors and they were so good....I am really a cupcake in Sprinkles...but these were so good...Sounds like you had my kind of weekend.

Susie said...

Love those pics of Cade! He does look so sweet and lovable!

Would love one of those cupcakes! I bet they were yummy!

Shelia said...

HI Becky! Oh, rain rain go away! I don't think you let it stop you, though, did you? :)
Those little guys are just precious and I wonder if there's any cupcakes left! Those look so good!
It's so good to know you're so normal - staying in your jammies all day! Love it!
Be a sweetie,
shelia ;0

Cortney said...

mom, i am laughing about your "pot" garden! funny!

Ashley ~ said...

I am seriously LOL about your POT GARDEN*! Hilarious*! Oh yeah, and I wanted to tell you that I LOVE the site you gave me. ( My mom and I were looking at the videos on there over the weekend and getting the biggest kick out of those goofy animals*! (Especially the kittens) SO darn cute*!!! Thanks girlfriend*!!! Oh, and guess what I see shinning so bright in the sky over here this afternoon*? (ducking n hiding) I'm hoping you are needing your sunglasses today too*! (SMILE) _Ashley*

Ashley ~ said...

PS. I'm playing a song on my blog today just for you*!!! *GRIN*

joan said...

Looks like you managed to have fun even with all the rain. Those cupcakes look delish! And I will check out that recipe, I've been thinking about planting some herbs in pots too, never have done that before and I like the idea of just going in the back and picking it. Have a good week!

Kelley said...

I am so tired of the rain. It knocked out my cable and Internet. Yikes! We finally were able to get a technician out today. Looks like more rain is in store.

kari and kijsa said...

love the comment about the dove LOL!!! We need to send one out too!! Here's to a sunny day soon!
kari & kijsa

Gini said...

Send some rain our way! Orlando, Florida has not had a good rain in probably 6 months or even more. It's sad seeing the ducks trying to swim in almost empty ponds. The cupcakes look so goooooodd. Especially the coconut one.


yummy looking cupcakes. I could almost taste them. I have 5 grands youngest grandson is Downs...and he makes your heart soar to be around him. Thanks for entering my contest. Good luck...and I will be back to visit.