Friday, December 4, 2009

Happy Friday Everyone!

Just wanted to pop in and say "Happy Friday everyone"!! I'm headed to Little Rock this morning to take care of Cade and Ridge and I'll be bringing Reid back to Pop and Mimi's for the weekend. I hope you all have a FANTASTICAL weekend! As for me, it's party time with Reiders......anything goes!!!


Susie said...

Have fun and be careful sister!

Jacquie said...

I can't wait until I have days like you're having!!

Ashley ~ said...

Have Fun*!!!! Sending HUGS to all*!

Love ya sista*! _Ashley*

Kelley said...

That sounds like a fun day to me!

Shelia said...

Hi Becky! Oh, I'm so glad you popped in for a visit! I hope we can meet sometimes too! I showed Mr. Precious your picture and told him your name in case he saw you on one of his flights! We do fly Southwest most of the time. Wouldn't that be wonderful if we met in the air? Now, I'd expect special treatment and all! :)
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Shelia said...

Hi Becky! I'm back! Oh, if y'all were to move this way - it would be wonderful. We could keep the highway road a buzzing between the two of us! :)
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Together We Save said...

Hope you are having a wonderful time!!

Kat said...

Hope all is well...I miss your blog posts.

Merry Christmas sweet friend

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

It has been such a blessing to meet you in blogland...You have enriched my life. Blessings to you and yours....Merry Christmas and a New Year filled with many blessings.
Grammy Girlfriend

sanjeet said...

I can't wait until I have days like you're having!!
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