Thursday, May 20, 2010

#4 I LUV Target!!!!

Oh, how I LUV a bargain! A few weeks ago Alvin and I went to Gulf Shores and the week before I decided I needed a new swimsuit cover-up. So of course, I go to Target and low and behold I found the cutest orange cover-up for $17.99!!! The next thing you know I have a blue one and a black one as well! You see, when I find something I like, I have to have it in every color!!! LOL!!!

And wouldn't you know it, cute sweaters too......oh my!!! You guessed it, one in every color. When I get back to the beach house.......I started putting two and two together and come up with a bright idea!!!!!!

Not only could I wear the swimsuit cover-up to the beach, but, I could also wear them as dresses!!!! You know, to the movies, to parties, even to church~!

Let me just jump in there and say..........THEY WERE ALL SO CHEAP!!!! As for me, I LUV throw away clothing! Definition of throw away enough to wear one season and dispose of by putting it in the year sale at the end of the season!!!

These cute little cover-ups were only $17.99 ea. and the sweaters were on sale for $14.00. Yep, under 100 buckaroos!!!

I've been told I have had a knack for putting things together, so I thought what fun it would be to put together a few outfits for you guys, using my beach cover-ups (which I will be using for dresses) with shoes I already had, purses I already had (with the exception of the orange one.....TJ Maxx, $7.99) and with jewelry I already had!!!

Now, I have to preface all this with (keep in mind)......I am only 5'4" tall sooooooo, these cute little dresses (cover-ups) come all the way down to my knees!!! I mean, I wouldn't want you girlies to think I am flaunting my stuff, cause my stuff is old, and I don't flaunt it......tee hee hee!!!!
(Double click on each pic to see the accessories up close)

My new favorite colors to wear together.......bright blue and orange (oh, it makes me all giddy)

As you can see in the above picture. This would be perfect to wear if you wanted to dress it up a little with pearls accessories.

I also LUV this look with the longer necklace and earrings!

And, then, if you like color.......put some red with the black and make it pop!

I also LUV bright blue and lime green.......isn't it yummy!!!!

And to dress it up for church.......just add a sweater!!!

Fun, fun, fun.......LUV everything orange!!!!

Throw the yellow sweater over it.......and off ya go!
Once, cheap, cheap and all for under $100!!!


Kelley said...

I need to take you shopping with me! Those are the cutest outfits. You do have a knack for finding great deals and putting outfits together.

Susie said...

Sister how cute! Aren't you the perfect little designer?!??!?

Cortney said...

VERY cute!!!!

Shelia said...

Oh, Mz. Fashionista! Aren't you just marvelous! I love your precious little clothes and how you've put together the outfits! You're set up for all summer long! Now the only thing wrong is, you didn't put your cute little tiny self into any of these outfits to model for us! :)
Be a sweetie,
shelia ;0

Shelia said...

I'm back! Okay, I went back and looked and there you are all beautiful and everything! Man, you're good at pulling things together. You're one gorgeous chickie! :)
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Stacey said...

How cute!! I love seeing how other girls put together outfits like these. I have decided recently to cut outfits out of magazines and catalogs then try to replicate them inexpensively. Fun fun fun!

Kat said...

Okay, I've gotta run to Target tomorrow. I hope they still have some of those coverups left. So cute.


nancygrayce said...

I love those cover up's with the sweaters, but how long are the cover up's? Not sure I could carry that off!