Sunday, December 11, 2011

I'm Baaaaack

Ok, I am trying to get my nerve up to start blogging again!!! Lots of things have changed in the past year and a half. Number one being, we sold our house, all of our furnishings and moved downtown into a loft (or uptown as Alvin calls it), that's know Billy Joel sings a song about me, UPTOWN Girl. LOL!!! And, we now have a fourth grandson, James Oliver Cooper, who made his presence known, October 25th of this year!!! He is a living doll and I can't wait to tell y'all all about him!!!

Until then, hang on to your horses and I'll be back in a few days!!!!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Reiders #25

Guess who is staying with Pop and Mimi for a few days??? Reiders!! I took this picture this afternoon and as I'm looking at it now and, Reid is already seven and will be in the second grade next fall. Man, talk about a lump in my throat. Time sure goes by fast when you're having fun, doesn't it?

Reid and Pop have already turned in and guess who is still up and watching baseball by herself~~~~lol~ We have riden bikes, played ladderball, played in the pool, waterballoons, waterguns, and baseball and this is just the first day!

Y'all have yourselves a wonderful week!!! As for me, I better get to bed, because someone will be up early rearing to go!!!
BTW, I stopped at Lucky's this morning on the way to pick up Reid and I bought a fourteen piece cutlery set by Food Network for $20. When I got home I looked it up on the internet and it is on sale this week at Khol's for $169.00, regular price...$219.00! Lucky me!!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

I've fallen in love all over again #24

Mom and I went shopping in Jonesboro today and can I say, I fell in love........but, I loved them and left them, on the shelf!!!!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Always behind #18 - 23

I just can't keep up with my "photo a day" for 365 days. I'm constantly running behind......oh well, I'll try to get better. The problem is, since I bought my iphone I am no longer taking my computer to work with me. Therefore, I have to post them all at once when I get back.
My neice Cindy and I buddy bid together occasionally, meaning we get to work together, drive to Little Rock to the airport together and split our hotel room the night before our trip starts.
Well, guess who else is working with us this month? Yep, my sweet baby girl, Casey. Here we are at the pool in San Jose, CA Friday afternoon. Our friend Ashley (on the left) happened to be overnighting there too. The weather was sooooo beautiful! We ordered dinner and ate it outside around the pool and visited forever!!!

The next morning right before I we had to lobby, I looked outside my window to see if dawn had broken and this is what I saw.......The mountains in the background between the ground fog and the low lying clouds (that is a rollercoaster in the background too, just in case you were wondering). Early morning is my favorite time of the day......everything always seems so peaceful, quiet and fresh!!!

My office at 37,000 ft. I believe this was Las Vegas to Little Rock on Sunday! Passengers are always very quiet anytime we leave Vegas.......too much partying. All they want is water and sleep!

Look what I picked out of our garden Monday.......and there are three more that should be ready in a couple of days!!! Can you say, FRIED SQUASH......YUMMO!!!

My hero and I took the boat out for awhile this afternoon and it was wonderful. A nice breeze was blowing and the water felt GREAT!!!!

Everyone have a wonderful Wednesday!!!!!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Mindless Chatter #12 - 17

Mercy, I sure can get behind before quick can get ready!!!!! So real quick, here's what's been going on!!!

We gave our goldfish to my hero's cousin and filled in our pond!!! Yes, we loved it......but, boy was it a pain in the hind quarters to keep clean. We are working on a fountain right now and the above pot will not be there tomorrow.......didn't like the way it looked!

A couple of weeks ago as I was getting off the plane in Dallas, a lady on the front row says, "why did you quit blogging"? I looked at her and said, "oh my gosh, do I know you" and she says, "no, but, I read your blog". I was completely dumbfounded.......what a small world!!! She said when she had gotten on the plane she wondered if I would be working her flight.......well, with 10,000 flight attendants her chances of having me on her flight were slim to none. It had been a really quick flight and I was working the in the back section of the plane, so imagine how stunned she probably was when I came marching up to the front of the plane to get off!!! So I want to shout out to "Paulette" and tell her to comment on my posts AND please start a said you had thought about it, so come on girl!!!!

Well, that brings me to the above picture, which was taken in Mountain View, AR at Woods Soda Fountain. When my hero and I go to MV we always have to stop in at Woods and have a chicken salad sandwich and one of their world famous malts.......can you say, YUMMO!!!! Anyhooty, we were sitting at the table the other day (it was sooooo crowded) and this lady comes over to me and says, "I know you" and I say, "you really look familiar to me too", to which she replys, "no, you don't know me". She says, "your becjane, aren't you"? Well, I nearly fall out of my seat I mean I think.......OMG, I'm getting to be as popular as Pioneer Woman.......LOL LOL!!! Guess, I better starting writing a cookbook!!!!! That's reeeeeeeally funny since I don't even cook!!! Oh, back to my story. The above pic is of me and my new friend Anna. "HI ANNA"!!!! She is from Paris, TX and she, her husband and several of their friends have a bluegrass band and they come to MV a couple of times a year. "Anna, get your blog going", Anna, doesn't have a blog either. You better comment on this post Anna.......I know where you live!! LOL Again, small world!!!

The other day we were fishing and I looked down and had on my cute little rhinestone flip flops and thought to myself, boy, what a fisherman I am........LOL!!

I have eaten waaaaaay too many of the above lately!! BTW......this is a delicious new dessert I tried and it is soooooo easy!!! It's called Brownie and strawberry shortcake and you can get the recipe on Betty

Went to Reid's game last night. He is getting so big, breaks my heart!!!

Looky, looky, looky........yep, new umbrella's!!! You remember, we lost three umbrella's and a patio table in last weeks wind, well I can always count on Lucky's to come through for me. That's right.......fifteen bucks each~umbrella's always make our backyard happy!!!!

Ok, well that's about it. Sorry, I've bored you with my mindless chatter! See, Anna, it's pretty easy to come up with mindless chatter.

Y'all go out and enjoy the rest of the week! As for me, I will be flying the friendly skies Friday/Saturday and Sunday with my beautiful daughter and niece!!!!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Booby Smash Time #11

Yep, you know what I did today! Don't forget your yearly mammogram and your monthly self-exams!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Three C's #10

There is nothing better in the mornings than coffee........unless it is coffee, Cade and coloring. Cade is staying a couple of days with Pop and Mimi this week and by nine this morning we were already coloring.......LUV IT, LUV IT, LUV IT!!!! He is such a funny little guy! As soon as he walked into our house yesterday, he said "um, um, Mimi your house smells good, Mimi, your house always smells sooooo good"! Isn't that adorable! This morning I told him that yesterday when Cortney picked Reid up from school, Reid wanted to know where Cade was and when Cortney told him Cade was at Pop and Mimi's for a couple of days, Reid got a little upset and cried. Well, sweet Cade said, "Mimi, it will be Reid's turn next time and I will cry"......out of the mouth of babes!!! He has been absolutely adorable! Pop and I sure will miss him when he leaves tomorrow!!!

Don't you just hate that feeling after they have left and the house feels so empty?