Saturday, February 9, 2008

Flying With The One You Luv

The ducks outside our hotel in Manchester

My beautiful daughter, Casey

This weeks overnites included St. Louis and Manchester. I had the priviledge of flying with my daughter, Casey. To say the least, we had a BLAST!!!!! St. Louis was stormy, however, it didn't keep us from shopping at the mall. At one point we actually thought we heard a tornado (scary), but it wasn't (thank goodness)! Manchester on the other hand was snowy and cold (burr). We arrived into Manchester just in time for lunch. They had a wonderful buffet set up, so of course we had to participate. We had decided to work out after lunch, however, that didn't happen. Why you ask? Well by the time we had lunch, dessert, two cups of coffee and alot of mindless chatter it was time for a nap. HA!!

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Casey said...

I had a great time on our trip Mommy! Can't wait to do it again!! XXOO, Casey