Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy 36th Valentines Day To The One I Luv

Thirty six years ago Alvin and I had our first date. WOW!! How time flys when you are having fun. Alot has changed since he gave me the above card 36 years ago. First, the card says "Because You Are So Nice". Is that not hilarious! Secondly, the card cost 50 cents. You can't buy anything for 50 cents now. And lastly, the postage stamp was 8 cents! That's right 8 CENTS!! Sorry I got off the subject of Luv. Yes, I suppose we were biten by the Luv bug, because hey, we are still here and we haven't killed each other yet. Seriously, Alvin is the greatet guy in the world. He is patient (he has to be to put of with me), he's kind, the greatest dad and Pop in the world, and he has the GREATEST sense of humor. I luv you Alvin. Happy 36th!

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