Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Glad to be back in the south

Greers Ferry Lake
(Bet you didn't know it was shaped like an
Aladdin's Lamp)

Getting de-iced in Detroit
(Poor little guy)

Outside my window in Detroit

Burrrrr! It is so cold here in Newport today (even though the sun is out). Alvin and I are neither one fans of winter. Give us both good ole heat, humidity and of course Greers Ferry Lake to bask in and we are golden. I got back in from my two day trip last night and was I ever ready to get back home. As most of you know I am based out of Dallas. When I left Dallas Monday afternoon the temp was around 50 degrees which is ok. I went from there to New Orleans where the temp was 72 and onto Orlando, temp 76, on to Baltimore (can't remember temp, but wasn't too bad and then to DETROIT!!! OH, MY GOSH!! Anyone wanna guess? How about 3 below, yup that's right and that isn't even with the wind chill, feels like or whatever they call it factor. Try 17 below zero, my teeth are chattering right now just thinking about it. I cannot even imagine living up North, of course after talking to my passengers from Detroit yesterday they said the same thing about living in the South. Whatever floats your boat! As for the Mullins' family, including our two daughters, we vote for warm weather.

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Casey said...

Do we like warm weather??? Fo Shizzle!!