Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Pop & Mimi's

I picked Reid up Thursday for a couple of fun filled days at Pop and Mimi's. He is the perfect age (5) where there is nothing to be had but fun, fun, fun! And fun is what we had! Of course he has been detoxing for the last couple of days now. HA! Oh well, that's what grandbabies are for. Right?

Let the journey begin

Bye Mom & Caders

What's the hold up, let's go

First stop. Videos!

Second stop. Walmart!

Armed & dangerous. Where's Pop?

Let's get this party started.

This is one way to get down the slide!

The big one got away!

Who say's donuts aren't a healthy way to start the day!


MiMi said...

That is EXACTLY what grandbabies are for!!! And where would we be without a trip to WalMart?!?! Looks like ya'll had an awesome time and I am sure Mom enjoyed her little "break", too!

P.S. I have a grandson named Reid, too!

His Doorkeeper said...

Reid is one blessed little boy! I don't blame you one bit...I wish we had one to spoil!

Yes, the shop has French doors. They swing open and he can carry big things in or out!

Leigh Ann said...

You guys are the kind of grandparents little boys dream of. How sweet to have a special day with him, and it looks like fun, fun, fun was had by grandpa, too! Did you go down the slide???

MiMi said...

I got my first "tag" since joining this blogging world. I had to call my daughter to find out what that even meant! LOL! When you get a minute, go to my blog, I've tagged you!

Leigh Ann said...

Derek flew on SW today. I told him if he had a cute blonde flight attendant named Becky that that was my blog friend. I guess you weren't on his flight though!

MiMi said...


I use an HTML that I copy and paste and unfortunately Blogger will not let me copy and paste it into a post to send to you. I will be glad to email it to you if you have an email.

Or, I noticed on His Doorkeeper's blog that someone put some "how-to-add-a-link" instructions at the bottom of her tag entry.

I hope this helps. Can't wait to learn more about you!