Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Stranger in Town

Cynthea AKA "Chicks"

Impulse purchase!

I was planning on having a relaxed day today. Nothing planned just a plain ole laid back, no make up wearing, see no one day. Didn't happen. I decided to call my optometrist to make a long overdue appointment for my eye examine. And guess what? Yep, you guessed it. They could see me in 30 minutes. Good thing I had already showered. Out the door I go (with my camera in tow, you never know when a photo op might come your way)!

Todays photo op was a complete suprise! I was pulling into Mickey D's at lunch headed toward the drive thru, when I noticed a female standing outside her car. I smile and wave, she smiles and waves back and then I take a second look. OH MY GOODNESS!!!! It is a flight attendant friend of mine from Little Rock. Now you have to understand she lives an hour and a half from me, and I haven't seen her in over a year. I pull in. We are hugging and I say "what are you doing here" and see replies with a chuckle. "See the guy pulling off the highway on the motorcycle, I think that's my E-Harmony date"! She was so calm and I am having a cow! He really seemed nice, I can only imagine what was going on in his head as he was walking towards us. Maybe something like, "Oh boy, is this a two for one"! HA!! Anyhow, I wish them all the luck. I did ask them as I was leaving if there was a love connection, could I please be the Matron of Honor!! Good Luck Chicks!

I also ran by the cutest shop (Daisies & Such) that two friends of mine own and of course I had to purchase this cute purse. We aren't suppose to carry purses at work and this will fit nicely in my suitcase or so I told myself.

It's off to Little Rock in the morning to pick up Reid for a couple of days. So I'm sure there will be lots of fun things to blog about next week.


Cortney said...

How have I talked to you 37times today and not heard about either one of these things???? Love the purse -- hope it wins!!!

MiMi said...

This sounds like one of MY "days off"! They never seem to go according to my idea of what a day off is supposed to be!I love the picture of you and your friend - how fun to run into her unexpectedly. My best friend from high school has also had a couple of "internet dates" and I am like you - mortified! I wish them the best, though!
BTW..LOVE the purse! Thanks for the comments about Lewis on my blog. You probably aren't aware, but Lewis is my 2nd Ragdoll kitten. I got one in Jan. of this year and I lost him to Coronavirus/FIP in Feb. It was very traumatic and that's why we were so anxious to get Lewis and also, anxious about him being healthy. I wish you could rub his belly, too, 'cause it is unbelievably soft!

His Doorkeeper said...

I think it's Murphy's Law or something that when I decide to take a day "off" and not do the hair, make-up, etc. and plan to stay home, something always happens and I regret it. And you ALWAYS run in to someone you haven't seen in a decade when you are having a "natural" day. I always think they must think I must be sick to go out looking that bad!! har har

Love the little purse! Cute!

Brandi said...

The purse is so cute. Impulse purchases are always the best!

Leigh Ann said...

Becky! I'm so glad you came by my blog! I thought that was so neat when I ran into you, Cortney, Reid, and Cade at the mall and recognized you all from blogging! It is such a small world! You are so right about the photo op. You just never know! How wild that you saw your friend and even wilder that her EHarmony date was pulling up. I saw where you are a flight attendant for SW. Both my sis and bro-in-law worked at the reservation center (and loved it) when it closed. They were so sad. They stayed here and have found new careers, so all is well. I LOVE that purse. It is too, too cute. It looks like Cortney's new baby is right around the corner. I saw some pictures of her and she has to be the cutest pregnant girl ever. I was never cute like that when I was pregnant! Well, I will be back to check on you now that I have your link. You have a good week.

Susie said...

Hey Sis,

Love that purse!!!