Saturday, September 20, 2008

"BIG" glasses

Amy, Becky and Wendy

When you're in California you wanna be sure and wear your "BIG" glasses like everyone else. So here we are with our "BIG" ones on! I'm in San Jose, California tonight. San Jose is one of my favorite overnights. It's absolutely beautiful here. Flying in off to the left of the plane is the Pacific ocean and on the right side of the plane is the mountains. And the mountains are sooooo green, unlike many of the mountain ranges in CA. We got in around 2:30 pacific time. I worked out for about 40 minutes and went out by the pool for an hour.

Our lobby time this morning was 8:30 pacific and that is really late for an A.M. I actually woke up an hour before my alarm. That is always so nice! Today we started in LA, since then I have been to Phoenix, Orange County and San Jose. Tomorrow should be a pretty easy day. Las Vegas, San Antonio and Dallas.

I had the cutest little four year old boy onboard today. We were boarding, I was at mid-cabin and this little cutie pie walked by and I said "hey there handsome" and he looks up at me and says "hi, I'm a boy". I cracked up. Kids say the funniest things. My body is saying, "it's time to go to bed". Nighty, Night!


Betsy said...

I think California is so pretty. It is so different than the east coast! You are blessed to be able to see so many fun places and beautiful sights. Looks like you are having fun with your girlfriends,too! :)

Nancy said...

Looks like you have been having a great time. I have a question, What are the steps in becoming a airline attendant? I have always been amazed with that occupation. Nancy

Susie said...

Looks like you guys are having a great time! Be safe and talk to you soon!

MiMi said...

I'm so jealous! What fun to be laying out by the pool in California! And the "BIG" glasses are totally YOU- Ms. Hollywood!