Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Candy Corn and Cade! YUMMY!!!

Who loves Candy Corn? I bought our first package today and have already been in it way too much!!! I always mix it with peanuts and M&M's. However today I mixed it with cashews!! YUMMY! It's a must if you've never tried it!

Cade (our middle grandson) spent the night with Pop and Mimi last night. Oh, that little fella is a full blown mess. He is non-stop from the word go. We all get so tickled at Cade. He is two and a half and has his own langauge. Basically, he speaks "Cade". We get so tickled trying to figure out what he is saying.....for instance:

blankie is frankie
Jones is Tones (you know, Indiana Jones)
milk is melk

You get the picture. I had to call Cortney this morning and let Cade tell her what he wanted, because I couldn't figure it out and he will keep repeating it until someone figures it out.

Now cade LOVES to dress up like "Tones" and "Batman". You never see him that he doesn't have either his "Tones" hat on or his "Batman" mask. Well I thought you guys might get a kick out the pictures I took of him on the drive back to mommy today! Alvin and I obviously weren't the only ones worn out from so much fun! So YUMMY!!!! (Sorry I should have loaded the pictures first)


Susie said...

Sis-those pics are so cute! That first picture reminds me of Cort with that sharp chin.

I bet he entertained you royally!!

Faith said...

I have to say I am not a fan of candy corn!

That Cade is just adorable. I love how kids speak their own language and say things over and over and louder and louder thinking that will help you understand! So funny!

Jacquie said...

Is that a pumpkin candy dish? I just bought my candy corn yesterday to put in MY pumpkin candy dish! I always get the autumn mix with the little pumpkins! Mmm!

Those pictures of Cade are SO cute. Little boys are so much fun!

Sandy Toes said...

I love candy corn..a true Fall treat! I saw a blog where they stringed candy corn for decoration!

Your grandbaby is so sweet!

-Sandy Toes

StitchinByTheLake said...

Hi Becky, I'm a fellow Arkansan (Hot Springs) and just found your blog. I have candy corn in a glass pumpkin just like yours but hadn't thought to put cashews in it - sounds wonderful. I have some walnuts, wonder how that would be? Cute, cute grandbaby! blessings, marlene

Eve said...

Tooo cute! He looks cute in his costume.

I love candy corn. We always had it on Halloween but not a lot of it got to the door ringers. Mama was as bad as were about eating it. We put chocolate chips in ours. We also gave out orange slices and those circus, orange marshmallow peanuts. I'm sure they were chosen because they were orange and black.
My main fall decor these days, is to bring out my large basket and fill it with pinecones, add a few of the little pumpkins, corn etc from Michaels, spray it with a pumpkin pie scent and call it done. LOL I may hang a wreath though.

MiMi said...

I am also not a fan of candy corn, but I am thinking that mixed in with some cashews (my favorite!) I could probably handle that! Or, M&M's, either one!

That Cade is a doll baby! I so wish we could get Emma and him together -- bet she could understand "Cade" language!

I love the Batman mask! So glad that he got to stay with his MiMi and Pop.

Have a great weekend!