Wednesday, January 14, 2009

What a wonderful week!

I've had the most wonderful week! My sister has been visiting from Mississippi and to say we've had a "blast" would be an understatement. We have literally been on the go since I got in from my trip on Sunday afternoon and I'm pooped. She's leaving in the morning! After much pleading for her to stay, she insists she must get on with HER life. WHATEVER!!!!

Anyhoo, my momma turned 77 on Sunday and we celebrated her birthday at the Cookie Basket on Tuesday and looky who showed up.....those sweet daughters and two of the three grands!!!

Pop even suprised us and showed up too. He just can't stand the thought of me seeing those baby girls and baby boys without him. Isn't this the cutest picture of "baby Ridge". Hard to believe he will be 5 months old next week.

Today mom, Susie and I went to Conway to get my haircut and look at this adorable trench coat I found at Target. I have been wanting one for over a year now. I even found myself looking at the beachwear today and it's January. Hey a girl can dream can't she!

Last night mom and Susie were over and we were watching American Idol. Something was said about David Cook (ya know he is my all time favorite Idol) and I mentioned that I would like to have his CD. My hero (sitting on the couch with his loungy pants on) says, "do you want me to run to Walmart and get it for you". Me being the sweetheart that I am (ha) says, "absolutely not, but you can get it for me tomorrow if you want". Long story long, this afternoon when I get in from Conway my hero is already home. I come in the door and start rattling off about what kind of day it has been and how much fun we had had. I'm showing him what all I bought, went into the bathroom to potty (I know too much information) and say to him. "Hey, where's my David Cook CD" and he replys, "honey, I've been a little busy today". He goes into the den, sits down and I'm stirring around in the kitchen and notice he's been to Walmart for a paper run (paper towels, paper plates, toilet tissue, etc and I say, "looks like you went to Walmart today, so where's my David Cook CD" and he replys "you went shopping today, why didn't you pick it up". I'm thinking boy he's being grouchy (he's NEVER grouchy), so I walk over to him and start laughing and saying, "but you always spoil me and I thought YOU would pick it up". Then he mumbles something and once again I think, this is weird he's really acting strange, he must of had a bad day. So I walk over to my computer bend over to plug it in, stand up and SCREAM!!!

Yup, there it was in all it's glory!!! MY DAVID COOK CD!!!!! AAAAAAH!! MY HERO!!!

Looky who's getting to sleep in tonight. He's sooooo happy, I can hear him purring all the way over here. Ya'll don't leave your babies out in the cold for the next few nights. They need a nice warm place to sleep too!

Well, kiddos I'm heading off to bed. My sister is leaving early in the morning.......looks like I might get a couple of days of rest! No offense sissy, it's been a blast!

Oh, by the way. If Kelley from Arkansas who commented on my blog yesterday reads this. I have been trying to comment on your blog, but looks like your comments are blocked. Kelley if you are reading this post email me. My email address is on my profile page.

Also, I want to thank all you girlies who replied about being interested in reading about my job. I'm really excited about it and will get a post started hopefully on Friday.

Nighty night everyone! Sweet dreams!


justabeachkat said...

I love love love your new coat. Hmmmm....can I copy you?

How sweet is your sweetie to surprise you with the CD?! Very!

That some sweet photos of your famiy and your kitty.


Jacquie said...

That Alvin is just too sweet!!! I can't imagine Dave doing that for me.

I LOVE the trench... I (um, Santa) got me one at TJMaxx for Christmas. I LOVE it!!

I thought Susie was being a little quiet... she's been using all her energy with you!

Kayla said...

Those grandchildren of yours are precious!!!

Happy 77th to your momma!!!

That was sooo cute that he planned out where to put your cd so you'd be surprised!!!

Glad you had so much fun with your sister!! And I LOVE LOVE LOVE that trench!! This girl is SOOOOOOOO ready for Spring/Summer fashion! I'm going to go crazy if I have to wear boots too much longer!!

Hope your sister gets home safely and you get rested up before you're off on another adventure!

Mildred said...

A very happy (belated) birthday to your momma. So glad Susie could visit with you and I know all of you must have had a blast. I love the new coat (and my nephew thanks you - he works as a buyer for Target's candy div.) Did you buy CHOCOLATE while at Target???? Get lots of rest and I look forward to your post Friday. Take care.

bj said...

I love your new coat...and I enjoyed seeing your sweet family photos...
Happy Birthday to your mom. 77 is an age to be proud of...I am only 6 years behind her!!

Bo said...

What a truly great week you had! I'm looking forward to your job posts too... ;-) Bo

Cortney said...

LOVE that new jacket! Also, the new doors look good too! I love you, little momma!

Faith said...

This post made me happy =)

Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

What a sweet hubbie you have to do that! And I love your kitty cat. Thanks for stopping by the shoe post...we girls gotta have our cute shoes, don't we? I can see we are on the exact same page about CUTE!

Susie said...

Well sis I sure enjoyed myself! I feel pretty tired as I'm typing this. Something tells me this chickie will go to bed early tonight. Y'all have fun tonight with mommy!

MiMi said...

Oh, girl, I love me some David Cook, too! I agree that he was the best American Idol of all time! What a sweet hubby Alvin is to surprise you with that. I bet his CD is amazing!

Happy Birthday to your dear Mom and what a great group shot!

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