Monday, January 5, 2009

Just another day in paradise

After not working for fifty-seven days.......the vacation is OVER!!!!! Or is it? I picked up a two day trip out of Houston that started Sunday. Alvin flew to Houston with me Saturday afternoon, spent the night with me and I worked his flight back to Dallas Sunday morning. After five legs of up and down all day in Texas I ended my day in Corpus Christi.

After five legs of one hour flights.....this is a welcome sight. Aaaah......paradise!
There's nothing like a long day and then a nice long, hot bubble bath.....of course with the wonderful shampoo the hotel has provided........aaaaaah paradise!

When this is the view from your hotel room and you can sit back with the nice cozy robe the hotel has provided with a cup of hot tea in your hand..........aaaaah paradise!
And then reality sets in..........4:00 A.M. WAKE UP CALL!!!! YIKES!
Hour fifty ground time in Houston.......Boo!
Two cancelled flights....Yeah! (still get paid)
Now more ground time in Houston......Oh well, now I can sit down and eat lunch instead of standing up eating over the trash can in the galley!
I have to fly to Dallas to catch my flight home to Little Rock......freezing rain in both!

But still.......another day in paradise!


Anonymous said...

I have to say the view from your room is just beautiful! Hope you have a safe trip home. Great picture of you two by the way.

Susie said...

I'll be glad when you are home! I've missed getting to talk to you every day.

Be safe! Love ya lots!

Betsy said...

I have thought about being a flight attendant before. Do you ever get nervous or scared when you are flying?? I love to fly, but I get butterflies when we hit turbulance. I think I might be a nervous wreck if I had to fly alot (especially flying in freezing rain)!

You DO get to see lots of fun places, though!

Femin Susan said...

Your title is very good.

Jacquie said...

I love hearing about your job, Becky. Most people know little about being a flight attendent.

Hope you have a safe trip back to good ole' Arkansas!

His Doorkeeper said...

My new daughter-in-law is from Corpus and we were right where you were last July for the wedding down at the Art Museum on the beach. It is really pretty down on that long beachfront drive where your hotel was, isn't it?

Good picture of you and Alvin!

We fly frequently. I don't mind the flying, it's the boarding that I have problems with! I get very claustrophobic until everyone is in their seats and we take off!

nikkicrumpet said...

What a beautiful view! I can't imagine how you even keep track of what city you're in. But it does sound like an interesting job. Although the older I get the more I hate to fly...unless it's first class of course!

Belle (from Life of a...) said...

I want to go!!!!

Leigh Ann said...

Sorry you have to come back to all this rain! Hopefully the sun will come out sometime this week! It MUST!

The Berry's Patch said...

You sound like my friend that's a flight attendant for US Air. She's been to many places but never gets to spend much time there. Her hubby also goes with her sometimes. I think your job sounds fun. :-)

petrii said...

WOW ~~ what fun!! So are you back to flying full-time? So fun!!!

Have a Blessed rest of your week,

MiMi said...

Girl, you are becoming the queen of blog design, aren't you? Too cute!

I can't imagine going back to work after 57 days! They would never get me back after that length of time--and, if they did, they would probably have to retrain me!

Hope you have a great week, sweet friend!

Jared and Lindsey Woodard said...
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Jared and Lindsey Woodard said...

Hey Ms. Becky!!! How are you?! I found your blog through Brandi Keedy's! AND guess who my hubby met today?!?!? YOUR HUBBY!! Mr. Alvin told him about how we use to talk in a British accent!!! SO much fun!!! Hope you're doing well! Please tell Casey and Courtney I said hello!!