Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Dinner Dates

Last week was a fun filled week of eating dinner with family and friends. I was driving home from Little Rock one evening last week. Alvin called and told me he was grilling (yummy, Alvin is such a good cook) and momma and Aunt Lucy were coming over to join us. It is always fun when we can get together with the two of them. They have so many fun stories to tell. A couple of days earlier I met Marilou (a flight attendant friend) for dinner at the hotel where I stay when I am in Dallas. Marilou and I have so much in common. First and foremost we both have two grandbabies each and we both have another on the way. And last but certainly not least. I was suprised to find out that my friend Tara had an LA overnight last Saturday night so of course we had to have dinner together. We were laughing and saying that 10 years ago we would have never dreamed we would have been having dinner together in Los Angelos.
Tara & Me in LA

Marilou & me in Dallas

Mom, Bec & Aunt Lucy

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Susie said...

Hey Bec,

This is a really good pic of you guys. Mom said she thought you looked real cute in your outfit! And you did!!