Thursday, May 15, 2008

Our "Refuge"

One of my favorite containers

Our safe haven

Back flowerbed

Tiki Hut (Can you tell I love Angels)

Our pond with two new baby fish

New flowerbed

Alvin and I love springtime!! It is our favorite time of the year. We practically live in our backyard. We usually eat breakfast, lunch and dinner outside. However, it takes a long, long time to get the yard prepped for the spring and summer. We try to get finished with all the work by the end of April so we can start enjoying. However, it has rained so much this year that we just finished today. YEA!
Prepping always includes mulching, weeding, buying flowers for containers, cleaning the pond and the lawn furniture and we usually add something new each year. Last year Alvin built the Tiki Hut. This year he laid more brick for another sitting area and I made a new flower bed.

It's finally time to sit back, turn Jimmy Buffett on the CD player, fire up the grill, invite over friends and enjoy. Ahh!


Cortney said...

Gorgeous, as always! What are those plants with the red blooms beside the dianthus?

Becky said...

That is a lipstick plant. Dad stopped and dug it up on the side of the road. Leave it to "Miss Lipstick" to have a lipstick plant in her yard. HA! Luv ya mom

Susie said...

Sis, your yard looks fantastic! You should sell tickets for garden tours.

JoEllyn said...

LOVE IT!! I had already heard from Josh and Casey how pretty your yard was and about Alvin's deck building skills. I'm jealous! I want a new deck with a roof. So...what are ya'll doin this summer? Forget about going to see your grandsons, Come help us!!!