Tuesday, May 27, 2008

One Is Nearer To Gods Heart In A Garden Than Anywhere Else on Earth

What a difference ten days make. EVERYTHING IS IN FULL BLOOM!!! YEAH! I came in Sunday night from my trip and was sooooo excited to see the yard, so I thought I would share. I hope you enjoy.

Alvin now calls this our "Bridal Hut"because of the sheers
This is "Martha"
This sweet baby has no name
(Any suggestions)

This is so true. I always feel close to Gods
heart in my garden.

Thanks Sis for my geranium

Container outside of our front door

Ten days later everything is in bloom!


lord jim said...

tres jolie photo
moi aussi je suis grand papa
que dieu vous protege
amicalement jimi

Susie said...

Sister your yard looks fantastic!!! I love the curtains on the cabana. I'm not sure what you should name your little one but I will think about it and let you know.