Friday, May 30, 2008

My Favorite Room

Kelly over at Kellys Korner has the neatest blog going on. She has asked that everyone blog about their favorite room. I am choosing our living room/dining room for two reasons. Number one it is always clean because we never use that part of the house and number two is that I love the color combo. I love colors that pop and these colors do pop. However, my camera is acting crazy so the pics seem a little fuzzy. And the color of the walls are really a nice shade of green and they look goldish in these shots. Oh well, here goes. Oh and by the way this first picture was suppose to be the very last one. I have blonde hair, can you tell. HA!! When I was younger I did not like antiques at all! Now I love them. So I found our dining room table and chair for sale in the Arkansas Democrat a few years ago. When we picked it up the people we bought it from had stored it in a barn and it was yucky. We had it restored and it actually has three leafs and makes into a huge table for the holiday's. I purchased the china cabinet from an estate sale.

This picture is looking from our kitchen into the living room.

The angle is shot from the front door looking toward the kitchen.

I love these poppy prints. Sorry about the glare.

Our armoire is one of my favorite pieces.

One of Alvins employees was throwing these nesting tables away and we had them restored.

This is probably my favorite piece of furniture and I love the print.

And of course I love this wall with the grands.

Well thats about it. Any suggestions on window treatments? Now it's your turn to join the fun and show us your favorite room.

P.S. I added the first picture this morning. I just was not happy with how fuzzy the ones from yesterday were. I need to take lessons on using this camera. HA!!! Have a GREAT weekend everyone!


His Doorkeeper said...

Love your home! You have wonderful taste and I love the pictures of your "Grands"! I love your antique furniture best! I am Kelly's Korner's mom!

ocean mommy said...

LOVELY!!! It looks so beautiful...


Linda said...

Wow! These rooms are gorgeous. I love your taste. The colors are really great together.
Came by from Kelly's

MiMi said...

I love your home! I especially like the pictures of the grands! I came by from Kelly's Korner and just noticed that we had a lot in common. I am Mimi to my grandchildren, been married 30 years and I also love Rod Stewart, shoes and CHOCOLATE!! Gardening is another thing that we have in common. I am brand new to blogging, but I think that I am really going to enjoy it. You have wonderful taste and your home is gorgeous!