Thursday, May 29, 2008

"I'm Going To Hollywood"

The arrival of "Mimster"
Cort singing "Copacabana"


The coveted "gumball" machines

I went to Little Rock yesterday to see Cortney and the boys. Oh how those little fellows can make my heart go pitter patter. I'm pretty sure if you were to take my blood pressure before I get to their house it would be off the charts. I literally get dizzy, the palm of my hands start sweating, and I start driving a little faster the closer I get. To say the least "we had a blast" as always. As soon as I got there we had to have a little snack of course and the boys had to show Mimi their new "Indiana Jones" whips. They are completely harmless, they play the theme to "Indiana Jones" and make a "whip sound." And yes, I did have to try them out! After playing for awhile Cort gets their new "American Idol" game for their Wii out and oh my gosh was it fun!!! After singing, Copacabana, Heart of Glass, and countless more songs, Reid gave Mimi a ticket that said "you're going to Hollywood. YEA!!!! Finally, it's out the door to "Steinmart" and "Chick-fila. After eating lunch, it's off to the American Cookie Co. and gumball machines. Then its back to Cortneys' and time for naps. Thank you God for those precious babies.

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